Music Review: Osthi

Music Review: Osthi

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An album with the label of ‘Silambarasan’ incisively has something special for the music buffs. Here comes ‘Osthi’ with a big bang that appeals straight to the senses of youth cohorts, especially the mass audiences. The album comprises of 5 tracks that differs in style with couple of tracks that hits bull’s eyes for the first time we hear it.

1. Osthi Maamu

Singers: Baba Segal, Ranjith, Rahul Nambiar, Naveen

Lyrics: Vaali

A mass commercial movie from Silambarasan and what would be your expectations upon the title song. Pumping beats, Baba Segal’s powerful voice and a song that will make every frontbencher to rock the dance floors… ‘Osthi Maamu’ boasts of such special qualities and will surely gain much popularity with the visuals… Though the song has Ranjith, Rahul Nambiar and Naveen rendering the lines, it’s Baba Segal ruling to the core.

2. Unnale Unnale

Singers: Thamman, Rita

Lyrics: Yuga Bharathy

The song sound mediocre in its way, mainly due to the unchanging style of rendition by Thamman. The music director has to shift his paradigms as almost all his previous songs as playback singer have had a same style of intonation. It’s a song about the sweet hearts singing praises of each other and the results might work out well as the time advances.

3. Neduveli

Singers: Rahul Nambiar, Mahathi

Lyrics: Yugabharathi

Again, it’s a song that focalizes on the praises from a chap for his girlfriend. The lyrics are so simple, but the over noisy percussions and instrumentals doesn’t give proper clarity to the singers.

4. Pondatti

Singer: Silambarasan

Lyrics: STR

A song dedicated for all the sweet wives and we heard this from Silambarasan. Yes, the song has cute lyrics and much alike the previous songs penned by Silambarasan, the lyrics are so simple. The track will surely become the overnight favorite song of everyone.

5. Kalasala (Munni Song)

Singers: L.R. Eeswari, Vijaya T Rajendar

Lyrics: Vaali

This is something you’ll have to make sure much prior to switching on this song. ‘Munni Badnaam Hui’ was an incredible mass hit with the North Indian touch and this one completely differs in style. Thamman has made a daring attempt by roping yesteryear singers like L.R. Eeswari and Vijaya T Rajendar. The song is okay to a certain extent, but needs to be seen whether it will suit for Mallika Sherawat. But it’s going to be a topmost celebration for the fans of Silambarasan in the theatres.

‘Osthi’ as mentioned earlier is an album specially meant for the mass audiences and it’s a typical work of Silambarasan’s style.


Review byRichard Mahesh

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