Superstar Rajnikanth Is Absent

Not alone the population of Chennai, but the media journalists and photographers, who wanted to click the pictures of Superstar, was disappointed.

News 18-Oct-2011 10:00 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

On his comeback after a severe health treatment from Singapore, the entire population of India, especially Tamil Nadu has been trying with all its might to have a glimpse on the appearance of Superstar Rajnikanth, which literally became impossible for many. This morning, it was all about more excitements and huge expectations that Superstar Rajnikanth would make his appearance at Stella Maris College to casting his vote for Corporation Election.

But realizing that it would create confusions at the venue, the family members and security officials had advised the actor to keep away from it.

Whatever maybe the situations, the actor would be available at election booth to cast his vote and this is the first time, he is absenting himself.

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