Shah Rukh Khan Speaks in Tamil

Whenever SRK gets angry in the film 'Ra. One', he will break into Tamil. Kind of Machine error...?

News 11-Oct-2011 11:05 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Shah Rukh Khan has always got a penchant taste for the South Indian language and the reason is because his mom hails from Hyderabad. The actor had entertained us with his few Tamil lines in 'Om Shanthi Om'. This time, he's gonna do it more than before. Yes, the Hindi version of 'Ra. One' will have more Tamil lines as the character of G. One keeps breaking into Tamil when he gets frustrated.

It is worth mentioning that the song 'Chammak Chalo' has some lines in Tamil and there are some Tamil characters in the film as well.

Moreover with Superstar Rajnikanth appearing in the role of 'Chitti Robot' is gonna set the celebrations bigger.

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