Holiday Lifts the Pace of Muran

The continuous holidays have helped gain a good market for ‘Muran’ in box office.

News 7-Oct-2011 10:22 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

UTV Motion Pictures is gliding through the winning spree. Gone are those days, where the trade analysts would literally label certain films as ‘Quality work, but will not work in box office’. UTV Motion Pictures Dhananjayan has rewritten the history proving his adeptness over the strategy of perfect marketing.

It all started with Vikram-Anushka starer ‘Deiva Thirumagal’ and now it continues with ‘Muran’ that opened last Friday. Initially all the three films were on a moderate opening and later due to good word of mouth marketing, ‘Muran’ proceeded faster with its pace and now has become a good grosser in box office.

Since the film hasn’t been produced at a big budget, the trade analysts have predicted that if it can make up till next week, the producers can take cake walk with good profits.

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