Shah Rukh Khan Brings 'Ra One' Again

Superstar Rajnikanth will reprise the role of ‘Chitti Robot’ in Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming film ‘Ra One’.

News 4-Oct-2011 2:05 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

While Superstar Rajnikanth’s health is over the amelioration process, his fans are curiously looking up for his comeback. When the status about Rajnikanth’s ‘Raana’ is still under consideration, the actor will make a cameo in Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Ra One’. The Hindi film has been making headlines for various reasons and one amongst them was SRK conceptualized the project after parting ways with Shankar for ‘Robot’.

Fine! Let bygones be bygones and we have something special about the film. This is about Superstar Rajnikanth playing a cameo role in his upcoming film ‘Ra One’. The portions involving were shot yesterday at Subash Ghai’s studio within couple of hours.

Shah Rukh in excitements was in joyful tears after he say Rajnikanth walking unexpectedly into the studios and surprised everyone.

Now we are sure ‘Ra One’ will take a front seat than other Tamil releases as Superstar Rajnikanth will draw more crowds.

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