Experience a scintillating game of thrill with unexpected twists

Reviews 30-Sep-2011 6:05 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Let’s start off this – ‘Muran’ is not for the lovers of cliched commercial potboilers. If you were really looking out for a film that goes substantially strong with the content and characterizations and not based on star-values, there’s no other option than this flick.

‘DESTINY’ brings the most celebrated socialite Arjun (Prasanna) and a budding music director Nandha (Cheran) together for one reason. Arjun smart as a whip pulls out a plan to mutually help each other – commit a murder with perfect plot to get them rid off their troubles. A crisp illustration could be Nandha is lamented by his disgraceful wife Indu (Nikitha) involved in infidelity while Arjun by his father (Jayaprakash), a rich businessman responsible for the death of his most-loved sweetheart Linda. While Nandha is yearning to start his new life with a girl Lavania (Hari Priya), who loves him zealously and Arjun to fulfill the dreams of his deceased soulmate….

It’s all about the plans plotted by Arjun and reluctant Nandha soon becomes a part of the game, a game with unexpected twists and turns.

Cheran often ennobled as ‘Yadhartha Nayagan’ shows up with similar shades. Though he gets some action sequences, it’s obvious that he sticks devotedly. However, its Prasanna gets the bigger scope and this once-lost actor regains his prominence with this flick. 95% of the film is dominated by Prasanna and audiences are sure to be enthralled by his performance. A different style and he must be thankful for the makers for casting him. Nikitha doesn’t get more footage while Suma as the Anglo-Indian girl Linda scores brownie points. Hari Priya gets a better makeover and her looks are enchanting.

Rajjan Madhav has made it a point of utilizing his debut to a greater magnitude. His involvement in every aspect of narration, especially the dialogues are awesome. ‘Once in a Lifetime Opportunity’, ‘Two extremes – Life or Death’ are worthy of applauses.

Hats off to cinematography Padmesh for adding more points to the film through his camera works…. Specifically the highway sequences over the car are done with an excellent panache. Editing is crisp by Arun… Sajjan Madhav scores best in background score while the songs are nowhere close to the film.

There isn’t anything such minuses for the film. Perhaps, if the audiences are precisely looking for the actual story, you’ll have to wait till an hour. But if you’re already connected with the characterizations, then it’s a moment to relish right from the first second till the last moment.

‘Muran’ is a compulsory flick for the elite audiences while it has to take a game probability with the rest of groups.

What works: Perfect screenplay, characterizations, cinematography, dialogues

What doesn’t work: Songs, some slow moments….

Verdict: Experience a scintillating game of thrill with unexpected twists.

Banner: Dream Theatres, UTV Motion Pictures

Production: Cheran, Ronnie Screwvala,

Direction: Rajjan Yadav

Star-casts: Cheran, Prasanna, Hari Priya, Nikitha, Suma, Jayaprakash and others.

Music: Sajjan Yadav

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