Vaagai Sooda Vaa

Interesting in few parts

Reviews 30-Sep-2011 12:28 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Period films have become the most experimental genre for the filmmakers herein Kodambakkam. Director Vijay had his brilliant stroke with ‘Madharasapattinam’. But not too far is director Sargunam as he picks up a script with a vast difference in theme and backdrops. Yes, it’s a semi-period film that dates back to 1960s revolving around a village and the deplorable scenario of poor laborers there.

100gms of Gold is all that they had to have for affording a Government teacher’s job. It was indeed a kind of bribe factor during the period of 1960s. While the protagonist, who aspires to be a Government school teacher cannot afford for this, his father (K. Bhagyaraj) advises him to take up a job given by Grama Seva that involves him in educating the poor children of the village near Tanjore. The laborers working in brick factories aren’t willing to educate their children and Vimal doesn’t leave things at an ease. He becomes not just a teacher, but a man responsible for the enlightenment of entire village. But soon he does faces several problems for the cunning people, who have been indulged in conniving activities.

First and foremost, it require a whole big effort for any filmmaker to involve in the research of ambience of a village near Tanjore during that point of time. Art direction and cinematography are the best departments and newcomer Gibran becomes the absolute showstopper here. Needless to mention his orchestral backgrounds and the decorous songs (a promising debut by a music director of this era)…. But on the flip side, few tracks are quite irrelevant with the movie and director could have avoided them literally.

When it comes to performance, actress Iniya deserves a ton of appreciations as her facial expressions and body language is outstanding. Maybe, it’s time for her to win some nominations for ‘Best Actress 2011’. Vimal doesn’t strain himself to the core and does what is required for the role. Director Sargunam has tried adding some creative thoughts into the romantic portions and that works out well. Ponvannan as the baddie sleepwalks through his role while National award winner Thambi Ramaiah doesn’t have much to score.

The first half lacks momentum, but sets out to be a different experience for the audiences curiously looking out for the times of our previous generation. Few conflicts occur from the point of intermission and there are more emotions involved there.

Kudoses to the entire team for rendering their best works…. With couple of big releases hitting screens together, the results of ‘Vaagai Sooda Vaa’ can be judged only after the opening weekend.

What works: Technical aspects, second half, Iniya, Music

What doesn’t work: Dry and slow moments, few songs nowhere closer to the film,

Verdict: Interesting in few parts

Banner: Modern Theatres

Production: Muruganandham

Direction: Sargunam

Star-casts: Vimal, Iniya and others

Music: Gibran

Cinematography: Om Prakash

Review by Richard Mahesh

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