Music Review: Ezham Arivu

Music Review: Ezham Arivu

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The grand audio launch of ‘Ezham Arivu’ has indeed turned to be a greater leap of promotion for the film. Post-success of ‘Ghajini’, the trio combo A R Murugadoss-Suriya-Harris Jayaraj strikes with a spectacular show. The album comprises of 6 tracks that becomes one of the good works by Harris Jayaraj.

1. Oh Ringa Ringa

Singers: Roshan, Jerry John, Benny Dayal, Suchitra

Lyrics: Pa. Vijay

For the first time you hear it, you will find the similarities of A R Rahman’s ‘Taxi Taxi’ in every aspect including the vocalisms. But the metal guitars and percussions does make it worth hearing over and again. As A R Murugadoss envisaged the song to be filmed in the way of Michael Jackson video album, the visuals should get us astonished. Harris goes for the selection of certain singers, who usually rock with this genre of numbers.

2. Mun Andhi

Singers: Karthik, Megha

Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

A splendid musical sound and pleasant voices by Karthik embellish the song to a greater magnitude. The combination of Suriya-Karthik-Harris Jayaraj has always been a stupendous showpiece. This one doesn’t become an exception as they manage to come up with a splendiferous work. The visuals shot across the paradisiacal greenish water surfaces should have more effect.

3. The Rise of Damo (Chinese Song)

Singers: Hao Wang

Lyrics: Madhan Karky

‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, ‘Ba Ba Black Sheep have you any wool?’ – The song opens with the same tune and it looks like Harris Jayaraj has purposely made it so as to attract all age groups of listeners. Though we aren’t aware of the lyrics for now, it is noteworthy that Madhan Karky should have taken great efforts to pen this song. The track is placed at a critical juncture in this film and will surely gain more popularity after the release

4. Yamma Yamma

Singers: S.P. Balasubramaniam & Swetha Mohan

Lyrics: Kabilan

‘Yamma Yamma’ is pathos of a young man, who has terribly failed in love after his sweetheart, forsook him. The lyrics are so simple and the instrumentals on accompaniment are mild, thereby giving distinct clarity to the lyrics. This might be the only song that will pick the audiences’ interest on the first time.

5. Yellae Lama

Singers: Vijay Prakash, Karthik, Shalini and Shruthi Haasan

Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

With so many singers with a big record of track list in the past, the expectations would go on top as we see their names in the track. Naturally, they try adding colors to the song. But again, the lyrics lose its importance. Much alike the previous songs, this one too will have its realms with the visuals.

6. Innum Enna Thozha

Singers: Balram, Naresh Iyer, Suchith Suresan

Lyrics: Pa. Vijay

This is an inspirational song that has some commendable lyrics by Pa. Vijay. The singers have done a good job and the musical quotient is perfect as well. We will have to wait and watch out for the situation in which the song is placed.

On the whole, ‘Ezham Arivu’ has couple of catchy numbers – Oh Ringa and Innum Enna Thozha that attracts the attention of the listeners for the first time we hear it. Mun Andhi is a beautiful melody while rest of the songs are just mediocre.

Banner: Red Giant Movies

Production: Udhayanidhi Stalin

Direction: A R Murugadoss

Star-casts: Suriya, Shruthi Haasan and others

Music: Harris Jayaraj

Lyrics: Pa Vijay, Madhan Karky, Kabilan and Na Muthukumar

Verdict: Good effort by Harris Jayaraj

Review by Richard Mahesh

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