Rumours Denied on 'Muran'

Director Raajan Yadav denies rumors that claim ‘Muran’ is inspired from Hollywood movie ‘Strangers on a Train’ directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

News 20-Sep-2011 5:01 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Tamil film buffs are through a wonderful journey of witnessing several movies getting released across the Friday leagues. Followed by couple of weeks after the release of ‘Mankatha’, last Friday had two films ‘Vandhaan Vendraan’ and ‘Engeyum Eppothum’ that has got a good reception.

Next week will have UTV Motion Pictures’ ‘Muran’ hitting screens with more prints. The film is directed by Raajan Yadav starring Cheran and Prasanna in lead roles. There have been more rumors rounding upon airs that the film is a remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thriller ‘Strangers on a Train’. Denying them as baseless rumors, Raajan makes it clear that there is no need to compare these movies. It has a different storyline and will be surely a big treat for the audiences.

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