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Great start by Saravanan…

Reviews 17-Sep-2011 5:35 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Every day as we glimpse upon the ‘Accident News’ and it has literally inevitable. The news we read merely gives us the picture of accident, figure of dead and injured and of course the reason behind reason. But have we ever thought about them, their love stories, and their affection for parents, family and their dreams. The very opening shot of the film gives the picture of two buses appallingly crashing into each other. A flashback brings a detailed exposure of characters that travelled in these buses.

While A.R. Murugadoss adapted the most complicated theme from ‘Mementos’ as ‘Ghajini’ adding a social issue (women empowerment),his long time associate Saravanan picks a thin plot from ‘Final Destination 2’. Moreover, we tend to notice lots of similarities between these films that include the large vehicles, the nuts and bolts attached to the buses and many more of that sort.

But as you walk out of theatres, it’s a damn full silence as audiences are left speechless with lumps in their throats. Precisely, we could witness few audiences’ eyes soaked in tears. And that’s how a film should make the audiences feel. Make them reflect upon the screens…

‘Accidents’ as mentioned earlier have become the most common mode of death and more loss to the humans. Everyone should have come across similar situations, the pain, loss, misery that will never fade from our memories till the end. Saravanan has splendidly expressed the emotions through his writing. Though some of the characters are spotted like forcibly added, the main characters do add more intensity.

The lead pairs – Jai, Anjali, Sharvanand and Ananya walk away with sparkling performances. The parallel plots have been very well crafted. The portions involving Jai and Anjali are more entertaining than it is with Sharvanand and Ananya. It’s not because Jai and Anjali are familiar faces, but they get more scope to perform. Say for instance, the humor quotients and emotions are more with them while Sharvanand and Ananya remain silent during more portions and they have nothing more to express.

The other characters like young guy and gal is hilarious…. father desperately waiting to see his girl child for the first time is emotionally touching. M. Saravanan makes a deep impact during last 25minutes of the film and it’s the greatest asset.

Couple of songs ‘Govinda Govinda’ and ‘Maasama’ is catchy numbers while cinematography by Velraj plays a key role.

Overall, the film has a strong and appealing message to each and every audience that a very small careless mistake will cause huge loss…

All we can say is that don’t miss the film at any cost and it’s a must watch film for everyone.

Production: Fox Star Studios, A.R. Murugadoss Productions

Direction: M. Saravanan

Star-casts: Sharvanand, Jai, Anjali, Ananya and others

Music: Sathya

What works: Basic plot, Message, Screenplay, Climax, performances of star-casts, music, cinematography

What doesn’t work: Little slow moments in first half…

Verdict: Great start by Saravanan…

Review by Richard Mahesh

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