Vandhan Vendran

Passable show. Can watch it once

Reviews 17-Sep-2011 9:56 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

A simple way to start off with… Director Kannan with his previous films ‘Kanden Kadhalai’ and ‘Jayam Kondan’ imprinted himself as a creator of family entertainers. Perhaps, his style was merely off that pattern and we suddenly got to sense something different from the filmmaker. ‘Crime-Thriller’ was the most commonly used word of promotion as Kannan was reported of trying something different from his style.

‘Vandhaan Vendraan’ has whole lot of action sequences, gun shots and more that ascribes it as a crime-thriller. But it has more elements that belong to the ‘Family Entertainer’. It’s a film that speaks about the relationships and sacrifices involved.

The film opens with Arjun (Jeeva) trying with all his might to seek a favor from Mumbai’s most powerful don Ramana (Nandha). Somehow he manages to meet him and starts narrating his story that brings Anjana (Taapsee) into the picture, a girl with whom he is madly in love with. As the story proceeds, we are taken by some surprises as Ramana is pulled into a speculative situation as Anjana is affected by him. What unfolds next is a series of unexpected surprises with a climax that is completely unpredictable.

Kannan has worked a lot with the attempts of trying something different with the script. Of course, he deserves special appreciations for trying something different with the story and indeed it works out to a certain extent. But what goes wrong is the screenplay that is dragging in parts. The opening sequences set in backdrops of Bodinayakur is little hauling. There aren’t any twists in the first half and the conflicts kick-open only during the point of intermission. But the last 20mins of the film takes off with a greater momentum with more surprises unraveled.

Well with performances of star-casts, it’s Nandha taking the first place as he gets more scope than Jeeva. Be it the action sequences or with the emotional quotients, he spells the best. He has proved that if given a best role, he can pull off with an excellence. Jeeva doesn’t have much to strain about as he carries on with his cool pleasant role. Little lack in chemistry between Jeeva and Taapsee (sorry nothing special to mention about her performance. She needs to work a lot over her performances and at least with lip synch). Santhanam wows us with his dandy humors. In fact, he keeps us refreshed with his comedy liners and in places scores brownie points with his emotional factors. A special illustration could be the climax portion where he breaks open the suspense. The scene where he admits Jeeva and reenacts ‘Nayagan’ Hospital scene is remarkable.

Thamman with his melodious treats ‘Anjana’ and ‘Kanchana Mela’ is groovy and what adds more color to them is the scintillating cinematography by P.G. Muthaiah.

‘Vandhaan Vendraan’ has some interesting moments, but if Kannan had tried avoiding certain things over the screenplay like illogical sequences, the film would have been classy. The flashback in the climax about Jeeva’s plans is a rip from Hindi movie ‘Chocolate’.

What works: Nandha, Santhanam, few portions in second half, climax

What doesn’t work: Taapsee, lengthy screenplay, logics missing at few parts,

Verdict: Passable show. Can watch it once.

Production: Vasan Visual Ventures

Story, Screenplay and Direction: Kannan

Star-casts: Jeeva, Nandha, Taapsee, Santhanam and others

Music: Thamman

Cinematography: P.G. Muthaiah

Review by Richard Mahesh

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