Selvaraghavan Opens Up on 'Mayakkam Enna'

Selvaraghavan Opens Up on 'Mayakkam Enna'

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Director Selvaraghavan is far-famed for his aesthetical style of filmmaking and he’s been special for not compromising or bending towards any external influences. He is keen on sticking to his strategies and of course, it’s been his reason for hitting headlines. Lots of buzzes rounded upon airs about his upcoming film and the confusions were unceasing patently with its title.

‘Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam’, ‘Erandam Ulagam’ and there were rumors that the film is rechristened as ‘Mayakkam Enna’.

Director Selvaraghavan finally puts an end to such speculations shedding more lights into the project.

We bring you the exclusive statement from the desk of Selvaraghavan….

Right now I have almost completed working on my upcoming film ‘Mayakkam Enna?’ starring Dhanush and Richa Gangopadhyay in lead roles. The film is about the next-generation and their problems.

I’ve been constantly coming across few stories that both ‘Mayakkam Enna’ and ‘Erandam Ulagam’ are the same with just a change over title. ‘Erandam Ulagam’ will be my other film starring Aarya and Anushka in lead roles, which has a different script. Right now, my focus is completely upon ‘Mayakkam Enna?’

It’s not because Dhanush is my brother and we share a good rapport, the reason for casting him into this film is because he suited the role to core.

‘Mayakkam Enna’ will not distinguish itself for the audiences from A, B and C, but it’s for the universal group. We have almost shot major portions of the film across Kerala, Chennai, Kovai and few parts of Tamil Nadu. There isn’t anything new as the film deals with problem in every home.

Selvaraghavan has penned lyrics for couple of songs and his new avatar as a lyricist is sure to evoke everyone’s interest upon the songs.

The director’s films have always been travelling on an unique lane and no one can predict what’s his film is gonna be all about. Does he consider this as a ‘PLUS’ or ‘MINUS’? ‘A Blessing’ concludes Selvaraghavan, who is vigorously working towards the final phase of this film.

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