Shankar's Hero and Bala's Heroine

Director Ameer’s assistant Aslam will make his debut directorial with the film starring Srikanth and Janani Iyer in lead roles.

News 10-Sep-2011 10:30 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Srikanth is finding new lease of life in tinsel town through Shankar’s ‘Nanban’. The actor will enact the role that was played by Madhavan in original version of ‘3 Idiots’. The actor is keeping his fingers crossed that his graph status will increase after the release of ‘Nanban’.

The actor has now signed a new film that will be directed by Aslam, a former associate of director Ameer. According to the sources, the director had taken scrutinizing efforts over finding the right actress for this role and finally zeroed on Janani Iyer.

The actress has already become famous with her performance in Bala’s ‘Avan Ivan’.

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