Inspiration of Ajith Kumar's Look in 'Mankatha’

Ajith Kumar’s salt ‘n’ pepper look is inspired from Hollywood superstars like George Clooney and Tom Cruise.

News 9-Sep-2011 3:04 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Ajith Kumar’s ‘Mankatha’ is evoking huge response across all the centres and the producers are spinning big profits. Dayanidhi Azhagiri and Vivek Rathinavel are now elated with the good response. Well, there are so many special attributes about the film that are keeping it under the spotlights and one amongst them is the surprising look of Ajith Kumar in salt-n-pepper hair style.

Vasuki Bhaskar has been receiving rave reviews for designing Ajith Kumar’s looks and costumes. But now we bring you the main source of inspiration for his look and it’s none other than Tom Cruise, who appeared in similar look for the film ‘Collateral’. Now don’t take the film to be a replica of this movie, but the similarity ends with the looks. It is also worth mentioning that George Clooney is also yet another inspiration for the actor’s looks.

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