Aarya Will Reach Mass Levels Through Vettai - Lingusamy

Aarya Will Reach Mass Levels Through Vettai - Lingusamy

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‘Multi-hero’ subjects aren’t usually welcomed by actors in Kollywood. How did you manage to bring the big stars together?

My first film ‘Aanandham’ was itself a multi-starrer film that had promising star-casts like Mammooty, late actor Murali, Abbas, Sneha, Ramba, Devyani and others. When I conceptualized the plot of ‘Vettai’, Vijay was the first option, but it didn’t happen due to his prior commitments with other projects and then it was Silambarasan. However, we felt Aarya could justice to the role and signed him up. If not Madhavan, I wouldn’t have done this film. Though he was reluctant at first, he was impressed with the script and his characterization. It’s worth mentioning that both Aarya and Madhavan have great regards for each other as they openly praise each other with their friends and close circle.

The teaser of ‘Vettai’ seems to have implied that Madhavan has more importance than Aarya. To be precise, the dialogues of Maddy involved ‘Shutter’ have gained huge response.

‘Vettai’ will walk through the unexplored territories of Aarya and this will be his first mass-oriented film. Since Madhavan has already touched the ‘Mass-Levels’ with ‘Run’, the ‘Shutter’ dialogues have grabbed everyone’s attention. But very soon Aarya will steal the show as well. Both Aarya and Madhavan have meaty roles, which will surely throw huge celebrations in theatres.

How did you the most beautiful actresses for ‘Vettai’? Both Sameera Reddy and Amala Paul have been striking with spectacular shows in their own arenas.

Much like Arya-Madhavan, both Sameera Reddy and Amala Paul have equal prominences in the script. While Aarya and Maddy are brothers in the film, so is Sameera Reddy- Amala Paul as they’re sisters. Amala Paul’s delineation will be like a cool-romantic character while it’s gonna be a special film in the career of Sameera Reddy.

Whatever maybe the genre you film falls into, they always have a top- notching technical quality?

We as a team have been sharing good rapport. Be it Yuvan Shankar Raja or Nirav Shah, it’s been a tremendous experience working with them. Specifically, Nirav Shah has touched the surpassing levels working in several big projects that includes ‘Dhoom-2’, ‘Madharasapattinam’, ‘Deiva Thirumagal’ and many other films. His magical works over the visuals always give special colour to the film and this one isn’t going to be an exception.

You’ve been describing ‘Vettai’ as a Mass Movie. How about the punch dialogues?

I never add punch dialogues in the film intentionally, it sticks with accordance to the situations. ‘Vettai’ will have the same concept and we haven’t added anything purposely. An ample evidence is ‘Shutter’ dialogue as you said now.

Having listened to your perception of ‘Vettai’, It keeps us excited with a question - what kind of film is it actually?

To make it simple, Vettai = Aanandham + Paiyaa + Vettai. I’m sure this simple description would have made things clear for you. The film will have all commercial elements of action, comedy, romance, sentiments and family. I have crafted the script from the audience’s perspective. I grew up watching Rajnikanth films and is a fan for his films that have mass elements. We have tried bringing elements into the film that will rock the theatres with audiences involved in invigorations.

What will the hunt begin?

Soon after completing the Pondicherry schedule, we are having 40-days scheduled followed by post production works. We are planning to release the film by December.

What are your upcoming projects?

Soon after completing ‘Vettai’, I’ll be coming together with Vishal for a film and we are planning to remake ‘Vettai’ in Hindi. As of now we are planning to sign Ranbir Kapoor for the role enacted by Aarya in Tamil version. Madhavan and Sameera Reddy will be reprising their roles as they have good market in Bollywood and it will be produced in collaboration with UTV Motion Pictures.

After effects of UTV Motion Pictures collaborating with your production house...

It’s going great as we are planning to come up with more projects. The reason why the producers in UTV Motion Pictures have liked our projects is for its uniqueness. We are so happy that ‘Deiva Thirumagal’ has become a huge success and it is surely going to help our upcoming projects a lot. They have shown keen interest on working with us over many projects apart from the ones we have signed now.

Vishal in an interview had mentioned that if ‘Sandaikozhi’ was his birth, ‘Avan Ivan’ was a revival in his career. Having given him a mass hero image, did you ever think about handling his present status after success of ‘Avan Ivan’.

To be frank, the script I have designed for Vishal is going to be far different from his image in ‘Sandakozhi’. This is a pure musical romantic drama that has more scope for Vishal in terms of performance. In fact, I am happy that he has undergone a vigorous training in the school of Bala that will help him to give more outputs – Better than the best formula. We are in search of a new face for heroine’s role and it will be Yuvan’s musical realms.

You’ve been working through different genres of films. Will you again make a film like ‘Aanandham’ that is considered as the best family entertainer of decade?

Surely, we will get into the process of making a film in future point of time. Incisively, we had missed few factors that are happening in the families and it will be done with a prequel style.

Amidst of busy schedules, did u watch any movies?

I have been constantly working day and night, didn’t find time to watch any recent releases. But I was spellbound watching a Telugu classical film titled ‘Mooga Manasulu’ (1963). The film stars Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Jamuna and Savitri in lead roles. After watching the film, I couldn’t resist myself from calling up my friends in film industry including Bharathiraja sir and constantly kept urging them to watch. It’s a masterpiece that should be watched by every film buff.

Interview by Richard Mahesh

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