Ajith Kumar Becomes Eelam Refugee Now

Ajith Kumar’s role in ‘Billa-2’ is reported to be off a ‘Eelam Refugee’ who arrives in Tuticorin only to discover he is going to rule the underworld.

News 2-Sep-2011 11:13 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Ajith Kumar’s ‘Mankatha’ is creating huge response in box office with producers and distributors very much elated with the grand opening. In fact, sources close to Ajith Kumar openly confess that even the actor himself wasn’t expecting such a bigger opening and it has exceeded their expectations.

Let’s switch over to Ajith Kumar’s next film ‘Billa-2’. According to the sources, the film records the life of an ordinary person David, who becomes the most powerful Kingpin in Mafia World. Ajith Kumar plays the role of a Eelam Refugee, who comes to a particular area in Tuticorin that is dominated by a thug (Theepatti Ganesh of ‘Renigunta’ fame). When they lock horns, Ajith Kumar smashes down Ganesh, which urges the victim to seek revenge. Since it is not possible for him to handle him, he gets him involved in the ‘Diamond Smuggling’. But things doesn’t go on his predictions as David becomes King.

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