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Actor RK made his onscreen debut in lead role through the film ‘Ellam Avan Seyal’. Though the film didn’t perform well in box office, it gained him appreciations for his performance as a lawyer and what followed next was ‘Azhagar Malai’, which again won him credits. In ‘Puli Vesham’, RK undergoes a stupendous transcendence with his performance. But when it comes to the brand of ‘P. Vasu’, it’s a mere disappointment. Having churned out some blockbuster movies in the past, it’s an unacceptable piece of work from the moviemaker.

The film belongs to the genre of ‘Thriller’ (so promoted by the makers of the film), but lacks the punch and what is actually required for this genre. To be precise, the film holds some interesting plot in the backdrops, but the dull and sluggish screenplay turns out to be a big minus.

The film delineates RK in an anti-hero role as an assassin ready to bump off anyone for the sake of money. Then we have a police officer (Karthik) affected by the death of his close friend-colleague for his mistaken identity. A beautiful girl (Sadha) arrives into picture seeking refuge in RK. A villainous character (Mansoor Ali Khan) is involved in the conniving act of trading young girls for prostitution. All these characters are linked by some critical situations and then we have a hidden past of RK unravelled that reveals the reason behind his pondering for money.

RK has tried exerting his best efforts and excels on his part. But he could better avoid following the pattern of other heroes – running around foreign locations for dream song sequences. Sadha lacks the cheerful looks that were prevalent in her previous movies. Divya Padmini can expect some good offers in Kollywood. Mansoor Ali Khan exceeds the level of annoyance irking you with his presence over the screens. Karthik is perfect and he rocks with his naturalistic approach to the character.

P. Vasu has done some justifications to the script, which includes the film’s climax standing out as the major highlight of the film. But if he had an engrossing screenplay and avoided certain clichés, the film would have been a trademark in the director’s career.

Production: RK Worlds

Direction: P. Vasu

Star-casts: RK, Karthik, Sadha, Divya Padmini and others

Music: Srikanth Deva

What works: RK, few twists in the tale, characterizations except Mansoor Ali Khan

What doesn’t work: Technical aspects, Direction.

Verdict: Average

Review by Richard Mahesh

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