Mudhal Idam

Watch it or not – It’s your choice

Reviews 22-Aug-2011 6:44 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

When the makers announced the film’s title ‘Mudhal Idam’ and watch Viddarth over the posters, one could sense that it would be a film that focalizes upon a youngster, who wants to achieve No.1 position in society. But it’s a little surprise as the film opens for we see him aspiring to become a topmost hooligan.

Set in backdrops of Thanjavur, The film revolves around one such person (played by Viddarth) trying with all his mighty works to achieve ‘Mudhal Idam’ as a rowdy. He has a pathetic mom, who is the breadwinner of his family. As he proceeds, working on his path, he falls in love with a beautiful school going girl named Mythili (Kavitha Nair). She is none other than the daughter of a simple person (Ilavarasan), working as a conductor, who badly hates him for his most raucous nature.

Sooner we have a baddie appearing in the picture named Karuppa Bala (Kishore), who is already topping the charts as a rowdy. A politician with personal reasons to seek vengeance hires Balu to bump him off. Meanwhile, Viddarth is stopped by his mother with some ‘Sentimental’ reasons and is asked to carry on with his marriage. But sooner, things go in an unexpected way.

Will Viddarth get away with the dangerous situations or not? This forms crux of the story that is narrated in a much hackneyed way.

Viddarth has been striving to hold ‘Stardom’ on his shoulders. Having spent more years of hopes, he got a good break through ‘Myna’. But he is no different from the other newcomers, who soon want to become mass heroes. He has his potentials exposed here. But it’s okay when it comes down to marking verdicts on his career. Kavitha Nair has nothing to do with the film the other actors have done just taken a deep breath of relaxation to reprise their roles in previous movies.

The cinematography deserves special appreciation while the musical score by D. Imman doesn’t evoke any interests.

On the whole, ‘Mudhal Idam’ lacks pace and doesn’t hold a substantial content. It’s a disappointing project from AVM, which has been regarded as a prestigious banner far-famed for churning out masterpieces in Tamil Cinema.

What works: Nothing in special, Cinematography

What doesn’t work: Almost everything

Verdict: Watch it or not – It’s your choice.

Production: AVM Productions

Direction: R Kumaran

Star-casts: Viddarth, Kavitha Nair, Kishore, Ilavarasan, Appukutty, Mayilsamy

Music: D. Imman

Review by Richard Mahesh

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