I Predicted Success of Deiva Thiumagal - Dhananjayan

I Predicted Success of Deiva Thiumagal - Dhananjayan

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Success is his destiny... A man of pragmatic vision. Best Decision Maker. What else do we need to define a successful producer in showbiz? Naturally, G. Dhananjayan – Chief South Film Business is jubilant over the grand success of ‘Deiva Thirumagal’. While everyone else is acclaiming the film’s result ‘Exceeded everyone’s expectations’, G. Dhananjayan puts it in his own term that he had predicted the success of film much before acquiring it.

We bring you an exclusive interview with G. Dhananjayan, Chief South Film Business of UTV Motion Pictures, who has lot of promising projects lined up for release.

Let’s start off with the success formula you had implemented with ‘Deiva Thirumagal’?

A film’s success in box office cannot be decided merely with the ‘Content’. Although, a film might have a best quality in terms of distinctive narration, there are lots of factors that decide the film’s results. The most important attribute that influences the result of a film is ‘Time of Release’. Openly speaking, we can bring in ‘Pongal 2011’ releases for instance. All the three films – ‘Aadukalam’, ‘Siruthai’ and ‘Kavalan’ were released together. However, it was ‘Siruthai’ spinning bigger profits for its commercial element. Well it doesn’t mean that the other two films didn’t have a ‘Good Content’. While ‘Aadukalam’ won more awards and National recognition, ‘Kaavalan’ was a wonderful film, which would have done a great business if it was a solo-release. Nevertheless, these films couldn’t perform well due to this very reason.

Why do you refer these films with the release of your ‘Deiva Thirumagal’?

Yes, soon after acquiring ‘Deiva Thirumagal’, the producers of Rajakaliamman Medias wanted to release the film immediately. There is a strict ritual, where producers want to release the film soon after the censor is ready. I was keen on finding a right date to release the film and wasn’t worried about the delay. Finally, we scheduled the release on July 15 and it’s doing a good job. The theatres are studded with audiences from all centres.

Did you have any discussions with producers of other films pertaining to the film’s release?

Of course, I had openly approached some producers to find out their release date plans. I spoke to producers of Vijaya Productions on the release of ‘Vengai’ and apparently planned for the release of ‘Deiva Thirumagal’.

How do you find the present status of producers in Tamil film industry?

As I mentioned earlier, they’ll have to acquire the best traits of becoming well-versed with the showbiz. It isn’t enough if they are burning candles at both ends, but must have a proper strategy on getting profits. I think, if they can master certain traits. Especially, the producers must exert herculean efforts over promoting the films, which is the most essential panorama deciding the film’s success.

Sometimes, I wonder why the producers are so desperate over releasing the film immediately. They have done a hard work for a year or more with production phase and why they can’t just keep themselves patient over finding the right release dates and promoting them efficiently.

Obviously, it’s a perfect statement and if producers follow the same principles, they can accomplish with their projects. So how did you plan out for the promotional campaigns of ‘Deiva Thirumagal’?

When a film is ready for release, it deserves a treatment like a newborn baby. A 5-year old baby cannot grow on its way while 15-yr old one can go on accordingly. In all likelihood, we decided the same strategy for the promotions of ‘Deiva Thirumagal’. 10 days prior to the film’s release, we planned a perfect way to take the film across various panoramas. It’s been two weeks after release and still we’re carrying on with the same process. Now the film is working on its best with the word of mouth promotions from audiences.

While producers in Hollywood and Bollywood aren’t bothered about the career graphs of filmmaker, it remains as a major constraint for filmmakers to get their next chance in Kollywood. What’s your take on this?

One cannot decided the potentials of a filmmakers merely with the success and failure of a film. It’s not just the filmmaker, who affords to gain success, but it has lots of hard work from entire team. There are many reasons that define ‘success’ and ‘failure’ of a film and some of them we have already discussed here. As a producer, I don’t care about the filmmaker’s previous projects and I strongly believe in the content he brings to me. Need an ample evidence? We have Mysskin, whose previous film ‘Yuddham Sei’ wasn’t a hit in box office, but we have signed for ‘Mugamudi’. It is because the script has lots of freshness and it’s going to be a new genre of film based on Superhero. While Mysskin was narrating the script, I made my requests saying that he has already proved of his adeptness as a filmmaker with his touch and now it’s time to make movie from the people’s perception.

How are you planning up for the release of your upcoming movies?

Our next release is ‘Muran’ that will hit screens by next couple of months. It boasts of an interesting plot in the backdrop and audiences are sure to get enthralled with the engaging screenplay. The first half proceeds over a road journey and as it moves to second half, there are some surprisals that arrive with unexpected twists and turns. Lingusamy’s ‘Vettai’ is shaping up splendidly. It will have the perfect touch of Lingusamy and the first look teasers have already surmounted with huge response. We are planning to release Balaji Sakthivel’s ‘Valakku En 19/9’ shortly and it will be a poignant love story. During each and every release of the film, UTV Motion Pictures will keep airing the teasers of forthcoming releases. Likely, the teaser of ‘Mugamudi’ will be out with ‘Muran’. This is Hollywood pattern of promoting the films, which will keep the audiences brimmed with more expectations and aware about the upcoming movies

Interview by Richard Mahesh

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