Change in Rowthiram Climax

Witnessing the lukewarm response in theatres, the makers have changed the climax of ‘Rowthiram’ on a happy note.

News 18-Aug-2011 2:54 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Jeeva had taken scrutinizing efforts over ensuring that ‘Rowthiram’ doesn’t go wrong in anyway. Though the expectations were bigger for this film due to the grand success of ‘Ko’, it happened to be a little disappointment for director Gokul, producer R.B. Choudary and actor Jeeva as the film had mixed reviews.

Apparently, they made some noticeable changes in the script trimming few portions and editing the climax. On the opening day, it had a tragic climax where Shriya Charan is slit on her throat by the baddies and Jeeva fails to save her due to the pressure.

The new version climax has Jeeva on hearing a woman scream runs down to save her and the film ends with the final credits.

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