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‘Rowthiram’ boasts of a brilliant performance by Jeeva and is distinctly good in places with narration.

From the late 80s films like ‘Naan Sigappu Manithan’ to Karthi’s ‘Naan Mahaan Alla’, the concepts drawn by filmmakers have been upon on one particular motif - A hero rising against the injustice. Well, everyone in Tamil film industry from MG Ramachandran to Dhanush have been specific over picking such roles as the audiences could easily relate themselves with the characterization.

Jeeva’s success graph with ‘Ko’ has kept the audiences hooked upon the film ‘Rowthiram’ that is produced by the actor’s father R.B. Choudary under the banner name of Super Good Films. The film is directed by newcomer Gokul with cinematographer Shanmugha Sundaram and music director Prakash Nikki making their debut.

To look into the plot of ‘Rowthiram’, there isn’t anything to elaborate in long phrases.

Shiva (Jeeva) is vividly influenced by his grandfather (Prakash Raj), who aspires his grandson to stand against injustice. His motto is simple, stark and powerful ‘Always stand against injustice and do whatever is needed’. His aggressive gestures towards many injustice leaves in serious circumstances as he gets wedged between two leading gangster groups in Chennai....

‘Rowthiram’ can be categorized into the group of film that is done from Characterization’s point of view. Director Gokul has exerted more emphasis on the characters, which stands out as the major plus in this film. Especially the delineation of Jeeva as Shiva is so realistic and his style of emoting to the different situations is on par with excellence. Shriya can wholeheartedly thank Gokul for having given her a meaty role. When compared to her previous films, this one offers good scope to perform, but she could have controlled her eye expressions limiting it. But her smile is angelic and captivating. The onscreen chemistry between Jeeva and Shriya Charan is worthy appreciable and will be well received by young groups. Srinath as Jeeva’s brother and Sathyan offer refreshing moments with their humour. Jayaprakash might have reprised the role of father in many films, but this one is a different stroke from the actor. The emotional bonding between father and son is done with panache. Vinoth appearing in a prominent character of politician’s helping hand is up to the expectations.

Shanmugha Sundaram’s cinematography is one of the biggest assets of the film. His innovative placement of camera angles and usage of dark yellow tones at certain places is awesome. Prakash Nikki could have worked better on background score as there are some mismatches in some scenes.

Action choreography is superb. Bollywood choreographer Ganesh Acharya could have been used in a powerful role. Some of the promo posters had Jeeva and Ganesh being together, but there is no such sequences in the film.

Director Gokul makes a promising debut with ‘Rowthiram’. Inspired from some of his real life incidents, the filmmaker has tried adding cinematic touch to it. It’s a good attempt and the film is worth watching for the pennies you pay for the tickets.

What works: Direction, second half, climax, Dialogues, Jeeva, Jayaprakash, cinematography

What doesn’t work: Slower momentum in first half, background music, some characters are incomplete, little logic missing in climax.

Banner: Super Good Film

Production: R.B. Choudary

Direction: Gokul

Star-casts: Jeeva, Shriya, Ganesh Acharya, Jayaprakash, Srinath, Sathyan and others

Music: Prakash Nikki

Cinematography: Shanmugha Sundaram

Verdict: Can watch it.

Review by Richard Mahesh

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