Mankatha Fever Begins With Trailer

The sleek and stylish trailer of ‘Mankatha’ is evoking huge response across the town and so are Yuvan’s songs.

News 10-Aug-2011 11:10 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

While the songs of ‘Mankatha’ are premiered in Radio Mirchi now, the stunning teasers have left the sparkly Thala fans in absolute excitements. ‘Totally unexpected’ or ‘exceeding your expectations’ – precisely these could be the perfect terms.

The film’s teaser is done with an excellent panache that extends to a running length of 150seconds. The sequence opens at Mumbai Head Quarters, where we find Arjun, CBI officer interrogating Vaibhav and he comes up unravelling the secret of his team that introduces everyone in the team that includes Vinayak (Ajith Kumar).

The trailer itself gives a clear picture of what the film is all about? Not to miss the last line uttered by Ajith Kumar ‘Evvalavu Naalthan Nallavanaave Nadikiradhu’.

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