Potta Potti

Good attempt by new team. Could have been better

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Cricket haps to be the most highly celebrated religion in India. Be it ICC World Cup or the street corner gully matches, we at least trying have a glimpse over a ball or two. That’s in the blood of every Indian and when it comes to ‘Cinema’, the fever is much the same. Regardless of brands and star-values, we are constantly hooked to the film posters and sometimes even a 5-sec trailer raises our spirits.

Debutant Yuvraaj has perfectly got hold of these factors and comes with ‘Potta Potti’, a film based on cricket, but with a different concept. The reason these dunderheads – Kodaivaanan (Sivam) and Kolaivaanan (Umar) are playing a cricket match is for a silly reason. They’re in desperate need to marry their cousin girl Ranjitham (Harini), one wants her property and other loves her graceful looks. ‘Cricket Game’ is moreover like a alien to them as they’re not aware about the basic rule of the game.

Then arrives Indian cricketer Sadagoppan Ramesh for a deal to buy farm house. He is stopped by the villagers to train them cricket and soon he becomes acquainted. While the match is on for the personal reasons, there comes a serious issue and it’s a must-win situation for Kodaivaaanan team that is trained by Ramesh.

Blended with comedy, romance and emotions, the film is projected in a lively manner that wills audiences engaged to an extent.

Don’t come up brushing up with the filmographies based on cricket games. Of course, few characters in the film do resemble the ones in ‘Lagaan’.

The humour is played very well that goes strongly with the witty liners. Courtesy to Yuvraaj for dealing the screenplay in a middling manner.

For the first few minutes, there is deep sluggishness over the script, but with the arrival of Sadagoppan Ramesh, things take a different route. Yuvraaj has purposely added the ‘Gaudy elements’ like double entendres that cannot watched by family audiences. It’s completely unnecessary and this should have been avoided. Guessing how come censor board didn’t mute few words that leaves clumsy feeling amongst the audiences.

But on the positive front, the actors (specifically the minor characters) have done a good job as they carry film on their shoulders. Sadagoppan Ramesh gives a naturalistic appeal to the film while Yuvraaj could have found a better actress for the female lead role. Sivam and Avataram are the showstoppers as their comical factors as they send us for a belly laugh. Watch out for the dialogues where Ramesh says Mayilsaamy stole his ‘Apple Phone’ that costs Rs. 34, 000/- and Avataram says ‘Enga Oorla Apple Verum Rs.10’.

Technically, it’s a letdown by newcomer Arul Deva as neither background score nor songs keeps us engrossed. In fact, the songs are nowhere closer to the film except the final track ‘Adangaadha’, which deserves appreciation.

On the whole, ‘Potta Potti’ will surely grab the attention of ‘C’ centre and the producers can look ahead for some fortune in suburban areas. With ‘Kanchana’ ruling the box office for past few weeks and Jiiva starrer ‘Rowthiram’ all set to open next Friday, the producers will have to throw themselves into unceasing promotions to draw more audiences.

What works : Concept, performances of Avataram and Sivam, comedy liners, second half

What doesn’t work: Double entendres, no twists in tale (not a big minus), Harini, first half

Production: AVR Talkies, Flicker Studios

Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction: Yuvraaj

Star-casts: Sadagoppan Ramesh, Harini, R. Sivam, ‘Avatar’ Ganesh, Umar, Mayilsamy and others

Music: Arul Dev

Cinematography: Gopi Amarnath

Verdict: Good attempt by new team. Could have been better

Review by Richard Mahesh

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