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While some of the filmmakers strive to break the confined walls of genres and elevate the standards, it remains as a ritual practice for many moviemakers to stick to the stereotyped formulas. ‘Doo’ is a recollection of several romantic Tamil films that runs on lines of ‘Ego Clash’, ‘Difference of Opinions’ between the lovers and their unification.

Let’s not take SJ Suryah’s ‘A..Aa’ for you don’t have their ‘Manasakchis’ appearing in blue-dyed costumes and uniting them.

‘You’re torturing me a lot, I’ve lost my happiness, every bit of peace in life’ says protagonist (Sanjay) and his childhood sweetheart (Nakshatra) possesses the same feelings. Well, the film opens with this very sequence as the lovers decide to part ways on Feb 14 (Valentine’s Day). A ride back to their flashback throws light upon the pettifoggers adapting some of the old-age styled fights, which leaves audiences yawn relentlessly. And as the second half begins, it becomes an ‘Hour of Question’ of what’s actually happening there over the screens.

Sanjay, a software engineer by profession had his debut through ‘Mundhinam Parthene’. Perhaps, it was a role close to his heart and he emerged with a naturalistic performance. Guess what?

Sanjay has improvised a lot with his performance and shows up with perfection even to the minute details.
A small shot that reveals his potentials over expressing the emotions is where he cries in front of his dead father’s (Raghuvaran) portrait. On pars, Nakshatra exerts trenchant performance. Tears rolling down her cheeks as she disappointedly looks at her father are one of her best strokes. Thanks to the newbie for choosing best costumes.

Oorvasi, Rajesh have done what is required for the roles while Jagan and Jeeva as protagonist’s sidekicks are unwanted to the tale. Director Sriram has conceptualized a good thought, but his inability to carry forth the screenplay with engrossing moments becomes the biggest minus.

Musical score by Abhishek-Lawrence deserves appreciation as three songs – ‘Oru Naal Vidumurai’, ‘Nadhiyile’ and ‘Doo Da’ are composed well, but most of them are nowhere near to the film.

On the whole, ‘Doo’ could have been a passable show the narrative structure was done in a crispy way. ‘Don’t change yourself for the sake of love. Be yourself’ is a good punch in dialogues and there are few other lines that are worthy of praises. But overall, ‘Doo’ is an average fare that cannot be predicted with box office results.

What works: Dialogues, Sanjay, Nakshatra

What doesn’t work: Too many repetitions in the screenplay, Lack of newness, predictable screenplay, unwanted elements – comedy and fight sequences.

Banner: AG Productions

Production: R. Gunasekeran, K.N. Aadhi Narayanan

Direction: Sriram Padmanaban

Star-casts: Sanjay, Nakshatra, Rajesh, Oorvasi, Jagan, Jeeva and others

Music: Abhishek-Lawrence

Verdict: Mediocre...

Review by Richard Mahesh

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