Mediocre in all aspects

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Gautham Vasudev Menon has been welcoming scripts with freshness and rich splendours. Proving his adeptness as a proficient filmmaker and producer, he launches his protege Anjana under his home banner with ‘Veppam’. While most of the crime-thrillers in Tamil film industry have ‘North Chennai’ as the backdrop, this film doesn’t become an exception. Precisely, the other factor is that new league of filmmakers have been trying to move on pars with Spanish kind of crime flicks that are based on more characters and its lives coalescing at a certain point and of course – a climax in out of box style.

Having worked with Gautham in more films, the female director religiously sticks to certain panoramas that have a trenchant touch of mentor.

However brilliant a film maybe technically and whatever maybe the surpassing levels of actors’ performances, it’s the basic plot and narration that keeps the audiences intact during the show. Does ‘Veppam’ solitudes itself from these arenas or not? Let’s have a glimpse upon the synopsis followed by a sneak analysis.

Set in backdrops of Northern Chennai, the film revolves around Balaji (Muthukumar), who pampers his younger brother Karthik (Nani) as a kid. His main motto is keep Karthik away from his father Jothi (Shimore), who is working for a lady don, who is into the business of sex-workers and drug peddling. Nani has a small world around spending more time with his close pal Vishnu (Karthik Kumar) and Revathi (Nithya Menon), with whom he is in love right from his childhood. Everything goes like a picture-perfect with a twist leading to unexpected turns.

Fallible writing is the biggest minus of ‘Veppam’ as it fails to arrest our attention. What’s the main intention of the film, characters and what they’re up to? Let’s say, we are given a perfect delineation of their characterizations, but a lack in intensity turns down everything.

Telugu actor Nani can expect a good journey in Kollywood while Karthik Kumar is as same as in his previous movies. Nithya Menon doesn’t get more footage to perform, but her naturalistic looks capture our attention while Bindhu Madhavi is the showstopper. The missy has a long way to go in Kollywood and she can keep her fingers crossed.

Technically, it’s cinematographer Om Prakash and music director Joshua Sridhar emblazoning the screens. Or else, it would have been a bleak scenario in screens as the narrative aspect doesn’t carry prominence.

The film has least possibilities of surviving in box office. With a good thought over picking unique scripts, Gautham Menon has been bringing in some cinemas to change the trend.

Fine! Good films are always welcomed. But they’ll have to make the audiences reflect themselves with the characters and incidents in the screens.

When it comes down to marking our verdicts, ‘Veppam’ stays an unrealistic drama and fails to live up to the expectations.

Banner: Photon Kaththas Productions Private limited

Production: Gautham Vasudev Menon

Direction: Anjana

Star-casts: Karthik Kumar, Nani, Nithya Menon, Bindhu Madhavi and others

Music: Joshua Sridhar

What works: Cinematography, Editing, Music, Bindhu Madhavi

What doesn’t work: Flimsy plot, erroneous screenplay and lack of substantiality.

Verdict: Mediocre in all aspects.

Review by Richard Mahesh

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