Salman Khan's Attention Towards 'Kanchana'

Salman Khan is now reported of having keen interest over remaking ‘Kanchana’ in Hindi.

News 27-Jul-2011 1:05 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Salman Khan has set his determinations fixed on remaking more South Indian movies now. Incisively his grand success with ‘Wanted’ and ‘Ready’ has urged him to stick to the same formulas and his next target seems to be Raghava Lawrence’s ‘Kanchana’.

It is worth mentioning that soon after watching the Telugu version of ‘Kanchana’, the actor was very much impressed and had a choice of picking this one to be one of his forthcoming projects. Since ‘Kanchana’ has a well packaged commercial ingredients that would savour to the tastes of Bollywood audiences, it has become a major reason to remake it.

With Salman Khan’s upcoming film ‘Bodyguard’ close on the heels of completion, the final confirmations about remaking ‘Kanchana’ might be announced after its release.

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