'Rowthiram' – Inspirations From Real Life

Says director Gokul as he sheds light on his upcoming film ‘Rowthiram’ that marks his debut directorial.

News 20-Jul-2011 2:33 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

While producer R.B. Choudary is keeping his fingers crossed with a strong belief that the success of ‘Ko’ will itself help for the victory of ‘Rowthiram’, director Gokul lets his tongue to open on the inspirations about the film. ‘I would like to admit that ‘Rowthiram’ doesn’t carry replicas from any Hollywood films, it’s a raw inspiration from my real life experiences. I have been witnessing the society stagnated with helplessness and injustice and translated them into the celluloid.’

Adding more about the film, Gokul says that it will be real life incidents for every audience and they’ll feel like not watching a film, but a reality.

Producer R.B. Choudary says that Gokul has been one of the fewest filmmakers, who impressed them on the first very round of script narration.

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