Barack Obama to Visit Tamil Nadu Soon

National award winner Janaki Viswanathan arrives with a catchy title for next film ‘Om Obama’.

News 19-Jul-2011 12:58 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Remember the famous crossover film ‘The President is coming’? The film gained more attention merely for its title as it was about George Bush shaking hands with one of the finest talents in India. Perhaps, it drew more crowds to the theatres and it was later followed by ‘Phas Gaye Re Obama’.

National award winner Janaki Viswanathan is arriving with a similar title. Well, this one hits directly on the name of American President itself. ‘Om Obama’ – The title isn’t patently for the sake of publicizing the film, but has lots of significance with the film.

The story revolves around a small town in Tamil Nadu that gets ready for Local Panchayat Election and problems pop up between different groups. Meanwhile, news is spread that American President Obama will soon visit the rural hamlet for campaigning. What unfolds next is a series of hilarious moment with an appropriate dosage of sentiments.

So get ready for the hilarious treat with a much difference.

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