Festival of Films in Virugambakkam

The most famous area in Chennai known for the residences of film celebrities gets a new multiplex now.

News 12-Jul-2011 10:23 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

It looks like in next couple of years, the number of multiplexes in Chennai will run into monstrous figures. Obviously, it isn’t a wonder for Tamil film industry producers more movies annually with big difference of ratio with any other regional film industries. Following the arrival of PVR, AGS Group of Cinemas, Fame India International establishes its footmarks in theatre business now. Though Virugambakkam is known for its commercial values over the years, the idea about launching multiplexes by different groups occurred in the recent times.

However Fame National leads the race by launching 5 Screen Multiplex at Chandra Metro Hall across the busiest lane of Arcot Road in Virugambakkam. It’s hardly 5minutes drive from AVM Studios.

Wanna know more highlights about the multiplex? It has got a wide range of delicious yummy grubs to munch as you’re experiencing visual treats in every screen.

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