'Maatran' Gets Mediterranean Effect

Both K.V. Anand and Harris Jayaraj will compose tunes for ‘Maatran’ gliding through a luxurious cruise across Mediterranean seas.

News 9-Jul-2011 10:31 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Harris Jayaraj always prefers flying for foreign places to compose music for his films. He gets so involved with the films that he insists on accompanying the crew to shooting locales so as to give a background score with great impact.

It is worth mentioning that he had previously flown down to London with Shankar for ‘Nanban’. Naturally, the music director has seemingly impressed Shankar and his crew with his best tunes that includes a cherry-pick of having done a song with 15 international languages.

The music director will start his journey with K.V. Anand to Mediterranean seas through a cruise and will compose music for their upcoming flick ‘Maatran’ that stars Suriya and Kajal Agarwal in lead roles.

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