Will Ram Gopal Varma Change the Climax?

The latest buzzes remain whether RGV changes the climax of his upcoming film ‘Not a Love Story’ that is based on Neeraj Grover-Maria Susairaj murder case.

News 1-Jul-2011 2:37 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma doesn’t leave anything that appeals to him. However flimsy or powerful maybe the concept, he adds his own flavors reaching it across the masses. A shocking murder of Neeraj Grover by Maria Susairaj and her fiancé Mathew froze everyone for years. In an article published a in leading magazine, the writer mentioned that it would be the best fodder for RGV to make a film.

Well her assumptions turns to be true now as Ram Gopal Varma has completed working on the incident titled as ‘Not a Love Story’.

He had plans of releasing the First Look Teasers of this film on the day Court gives its verdict on the case. Eventually, Maria Susairaj is getting a judgment that she might not have never envisaged. Now the biggest question is whether Ram Gopal Varma change the climax of the film pertaining to the present scenario.

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