'I Rejoice in Others' Happiness’ – Raghava Lawrence

The choreographer-actor- turned filmmaker speaks on his Charity Trust that is helping the poor and underprivileged.

News 1-Jul-2011 2:31 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Raghava Lawrence has let himself completely dedicated for the well being of poor and underprivileged. He even goes to the extent of putting back his film career as ‘Charity’ always remains as his top-priority. The actor shares one such experience, where he was shooting some crucial scenes of ‘Muni-2’ in Chennai. Soon as he reached home, the Trust members reported that a young boy is severely suffering from a heart problem and an immediate surgery was to be done.

Apparently, the actor cancelled his shooting for next 4 days and happened to remain at Hospital until the boy regained his consciousness in ICU. Doesn’t he feel it difficult to cancel the shooting? ‘Definitely, I felt so… But on the fifth day, when the boy’s parents touched my feet for saving the life, my weariness and problems vaporized into thin air within fraction of seconds’ says Raghava Lawrence.

Perhaps, the multi-faceted actor has been gaining more prayers and blessings for the success of his upcoming film ‘Muni-2’.

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