Avan Ivan

A perfect show by Vishal

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‘Comedy’, ‘Violence’, ‘Relationships’, ‘Brutal Murder’ and finally ‘Revenge’ – What else do we need to define a typical Bala movie. The filmmaker has been gushing forth with this same-patterned formula over many movies and now lands up with ‘Avan Ivan’ that carries similar traits, but with minute changes. This time, the filmmaker seems to have tried working out on commercial grounds of success unlike previous ventures, where he was confined only to critical acclaims.

‘Avan Ivan’ is a comedy drama that unfolds the lives of step-brothers Walter (Vishal) and ‘Kumbudren’ Saamy (Arya). Though they are dead against each, they have an intrinsic adherence towards each other. Their moms are more like pals to them as they keep against each other, but again their bonding is very much adorable during latter part of film. Walter and Saamy adore their Highness (GM Kumar), a Zamindar as their father-like figure and are ready to risk even their lives. Walter falls in love with a beautiful police Baby (Janani Iyer) while Saamy with a tutorial college student Thenu (Madhu Shalini). When everything seems to be moving like a pleasant breeze for these people, an unexpected turmoil strikes down the way…

Not many actors would dare to go for a different show like Vishal has opted for. Having played mass hero roles in several movies, he has completely himself to Bala. Final result? He leaps straights into A-League keeping up his performance a top-notching level.

Right from the beginning till the climax, Vishal is the showstopper.
It’s really hard for any such actor having a great physique to change his body language, facial expressions with the shades of feminism. Doubtlessly this will remain as his best spell in his entire career. Now that the film has issued him a ticket to bigger stardom, Vishal has to be careful over choosing the right scripts. Arya doesn’t strain himself much apart from the burgundy-shaded trimmed hairs. His sense of humor as Saamy leaves us in splits. Watch him singing ‘Daddy Daddy’ (K. Bhagyaraj’s song) with GM Kumar and the complete sequencing is a laugh-riot. G.M. Kumar exerts an award-winning performance while Ambika is a special surprise.

Usually, Bala would have his female lead actresses delineated with a strong characterization. Over here, the scenarios seem to be different as Janani Iyer and Madhu Shalini don’t get proper footage. RK as a villain appears too late in the film, but does his best. Suriya’s cameo and his praises for the Drama artists is a special welcome as Bala throws more light into their prominence.

Bala’s different attempt with caution. It’s noteworthy that his films would have a simple storyline, but go emblazoned with a strong screenplay. But here it remains undefined and sorry to say ‘Bala would have done better in this arena’.

While ‘Avanapathi’ and ‘Oru Malayoram’ were the cherry picks of this album, it’s a disappointment for the audiences as we don’t see the songs. Arthur Wilson’s cinematography is icing of cake. The shots over steady-cam and Crane across the mountainous regions of Theni are fabulous.

On the whole, ‘Avan Ivan’ is a performance oriented movie for almost all the actors in credit lists, but would have been much better if Bala had a convincing storyline.

What works: Vishal, Arya, GM Kumar, Characterizations, Cinematography

What doesn’t work: Music, Story, Screenplay…

Verdict: A perfect show by Vishal.

Banner: AGS Entertainments

Production: Kalpathy S Agoram, Kalpathy S Ganesh, Kalpathy S Suresh

Direction: Bala

Star-casts: Arya, Vishal, G.M. Kumar, Janani Iyer, Madhu Shalini, Ambika

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Review by Richard Mahesh

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