RGV's Horror Stroke Is Ready

Ram Gopal Varma will make his next horror movie titled ‘Bhoooo’.

News 20-Jun-2011 10:56 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

The title may sound funny at places, but doesn’t mean the same for Ram Gopal Varma as he says the film will choke the audiences to be dreaded from opening credits till the end. The filmmaker is now involved in the production of various projects that includes a Telugu movie ‘Bezawada Rowdylu’ and Hindi movie ‘Department’.

Recently the filmmaker made an official statement of making a horror film titled ‘Bhooooo’ and the cast and crew is yet to be confirmed. However the director has already got ready with the film’s tagline ‘If Bhoot scared you, Bhoooo will kill you.’;

Naturally his previous horror movies have flocked more audiences to the theatres and have been successful venture.

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