'Avan Ivan' – Commercial Success or Awards?

Trade analysts are clinging with their own perception levels. But audiences are the ultimate decision makers.

News 15-Jun-2011 2:56 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

First and foremost, the intellectual guess over the film’s results during its pre-release phase would be the list of releases following that Friday. Well it happened with Manirathnam’s ‘Raavanan’, where producer Sherali made a daring attempt of releasing his maiden production ‘Kalavani’ on the following Friday (Raavanan – June 18, 2010 and Kalavani – June 25, 2010).

With accordance to this context, we have ‘Avan Ivan’ hitting screens day after tomorrow (June 17), while June 24 will have couple of releases – ‘Veppam’ and ‘180’. Both these films boasts of producers that are very well versed with trade market of theatres. Gautham Vasudev Menon usually finds the right situation to release the movies. On the pars, ‘180’ is produced by Sathyam Group of Cinemas and they need no introduction over trade factors.

So now we ought to wait and watch out the results. Nothing is predictable with ‘Sports’ and ‘Films’. It’s noteworthy that Bala’s previous movies were far-famed for performances of actors and accolades. Perhaps, he is reported of having taken a different decision since his mentor Balu Mahendra insisted him to make films for sake of producers’ success.

The countdown has begun and let us keep our assumptions locked down, for we may prove to be wrong.

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