Music Review: Vengai

Music Review: Vengai

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1. Dhinam Dhinam:

Vocals: Benny Dayal, Baba Segal

Lyrics: Viveka

The title song in Hari’s films usually happens to be mass numbers and this one isn’t exception. Much alike the previous albums with Hari, Viveka has penned same-patterned lyrics. Baba Segal adds more intensity to the appeal and DSP sets up the celebration with his fast-paced composition.

2. Kaalangathala

Vocals: Karthik

Lyrics: Viveka

A swinging melodic solo by Karthik and he is far-famed for such musical genres. Devi Sri Prasad gives a mild effect to the instrumentals. The lyrics are quite simple and it may take some more time for the song to acquire everyone’s interests.

3. Yenna Solla Pore

Vocals: DSP, ML Karthikeyan

Lyrics: Hari

Devi Sri Prasad gets down to set the mood right with his appealing vocalism. The beat from rhythm box is very much familiar, but DSP has tried adding a different flavor. The interludes and preludes are same as in his previous melodic tracks. Hari has picked some catchy words and has done it effortlessly.

4. Orey Oru

Vocals: Tippu, Harini

Lyrics: Viveka

Tippu and DSP together have streaked with big success over many songs. This time, the ace singer is on the tracks with his wife-playback singer Harini. Much alike the previous numbers, Devi Sri Prasad avoids jarring sound over the vocals. The trio delivers a commendable piece of work. The instrumental works are balmy and suits well for the nature of song.

5. Pudikale Pidikidhu

Vocals: Mukesh, Suchitra

Lyrics: Viveka

Typical Kuthu number with the trademark of DSP…. It sounds like the song will appear during the final reel of the film as it happens with Hari’s films. Mukesh has crooned the song giving it the right feel and so is Suchitra. On the whole, ‘Vengai’ has more mass numbers and it’s refreshing in few portions. With Sun Pictures giving a right punch of promotions, the songs would surely top the charts shortly.

Verdict: Strictly for Mass Audiences

Production: Kalanidhi Maaran, B Bharathi Reddy

Direction: Hari

Star-casts: Dhanush, Thamannah, Raj Kiran, Prakash Raj, Ganja Karuppu and others

Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Lyrics: Viveka, Hari

Review by Richard Mahesh

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