Celebrity Cricket League – a Moment To Cherish

Curtains down for Celebrity Cricket League as the final match between Chennai Rhinos and Karnataka Bulldozers became a thrilling moment.

News 13-Jun-2011 12:47 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Following ICC World Cup and Indian Premiere League, the Indians had another reason to cheer up with. The first edition of Celebrity Cricket League became a major success as the entire tournament witnessed grand response from all over the country. The Grand finale that was held last evening between Chennai Rhinos and Karnataka Bulldozers turned to be an interesting match for its thrill moments.

The Chennai Rhinos were over the top with their game as they spelled a fabulous show in all the panoramas – Batting, Bowling and Fielding. It is worth mentioning that the mainstream actors except few didn’t make the game bigger, but it was the low-profiled actors, who made a tremendous game. In fact, it has gained them more popularity.

Next year it will get much bigger as the top-level celebrities of showbiz are planning to introduce more teams.

Chennai Rhinos won against the Karnataka Bulldozers restricting them to 159 IN 20 Overs against the chase of 190.

It was perhaps a sight of disappointment from Sandalwood as most of the players wept unable to control their emotions and we could sense Sudeep’s moist eyes. But the team owner made a wonderful statement that till now the Karnataka Film Industry was considered as an abandoned child and today everyone across the world knows them.

But on the whole, it was a relentless paradise for the film celebrities, who had kept on sweating across the sun and high-voltage lights shooting continuously througout the year.

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