'Maaveeran' Stops ‘Badrinaath’ In Tamil Nadu

The bad results of ‘Maaveeran’ have left Allu Aravind to take a back seat over dubbing his tomorrow’s release ‘Badrinaath’ in Tamil.

News 9-Jun-2011 12:30 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Producer Allu Aravind was pretty sure over releasing his upcoming production ‘Badrinaath’ in three different languages simultaneously. The entire crew looked sure-footed as Allu Arjun has a big fan base in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Unfortunately, the results of ‘Maaveeran’ (Dubbed version of Telugu movie ‘Magadheera’) have made Allu Aravind to rethink about the process of releasing ‘Badrinaath’ in Tamil. The producers of Telugu movies were filled with wrong assumptions that when Tamil movies dubbed in Telugu are rocking in box office and so would be situations with Telugu movies in Tamil.

Regrettably almost all the dubbed movies except Anushka’s ‘Arundhathi’ were box office disasters. One of the theatres in Tamil Nadu had the owner publicizing that audiences for the film ‘Maaveeran’ will be given free popcorns and ice creams.

Now the producers of ‘Badrinaath’ have decided to release the film only in Telugu and Malayalam, while the Tamil version may take a back seat.

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