Interview With Director Dhanapal Padmanaban

Interview With Director Dhanapal Padmanaban

Features 15-Jun-2011 10:47 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

On a fine evening sprinkled with breezy mango showers, we had shot the breeze with director Dhanapal Padmanaban, which turned into an interesting moment as the filmmaker started shedding lights on his upcoming film ‘Krishnaveni Panchalai’.

Naturally, when you have a filmmaker sprouting up with a new thought, the first question we put forth is ‘How/Did you conceptualize such an unique story?’ We didn’t wanted ourselves to be a mere elision and so shot it.

Says Dhanapal: “Born and brought up as a son of Cotton Mill Employee in Coimbatore, I had wife experience with the lives of the workers. Moreover it’s rewinding my memories to the old cherishing days and I have added some interesting elements for the attraction factor, which will surely gratify the audiences.”

Does that mean the film is about the Bosses Vs Workers – Poverty - ????

‘It’s where my film differs from those clichéd movies that had a stereotypical story. Usually films that were set in backdrops of Mills would have arrogant rich bosses, poverty-ridden employers and so on. But this one will be a different shade. Precisely, the workers in Mills were considered as special personalities just as it is now with IT industry. But in any case, there are both plus and minuses and I have registered them here as well.’

Newbie Hemachandran takes over the conversation ascribing the film from his perspective.

I would love if I am addressed as ‘Story’s Protagonist’ and not as a ‘Hero’. Director Dhanapal had auditioned several actors and finally chose me. Rajiv Krishna performs the role of Mill owner while writer Ajayan Bala as Union Leader. The film has some promising star-casts like Renuka, Bala Singh, Poovitha, Hemalatha and others, who were selected after several rounds of audition.

Rahnathan and Vairamuthu - The duo combo had swayed together bringing national honors for the film ‘Thenmerku Paruva Kaatru’. Now they are together striking chords for this film. Suresh Bhargav has handled cinematography.

What more special about the film? The makers have chosen to shoot the complete movie with the technical equipments that were present during the late 80s avoiding the advanced technology of present era.

With so many special attributes loaded up, we are sure ‘Krishnaveni Panchalai’ will be a good ravishing treat for the audiences.

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