Aanmai Thavarael

Watch it for a different experience

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While the film seems to have carried the traces of Hollywood movie ‘Taken’, debutant Kulandhai Vellappan makes an impressive effort to bulge up with the realistic portrayal of police investigation and how the network of traders of sex-workers are involved in the business. A bold theme, perhaps, but not like the ones that popped up few months ago. ‘Aanmai Thavarel’ is about an abduction of a girl from Chennai by a group of pandars and takes her for the auction. Her boyfriend is on the trail of just one mission –Save his Sweetheart.

To start off with the highlighting attributes of the film, it doesn’t carry the usual prototyped structural narration. Though there are some cliches and artificial elements like the romantic quotients, major portion of the films are brimmed with excellence. One such key factor is the engrossing screenplay that plays a nitty-gritty part in keeping up our attention.

Despites staying as neighbors and in love, Vetri (Dhruva) and Yamuna (Shruthi) are not able to find time for themselves due to their hectic work schedules. Vetri works for a customer care service during morning hours while Yamuna is over the night shift. Their meeting time is quite unusual and itsy-bitsy as it lies between 4-6a.m. On Shruthi’s birthday, Vetri finds her nowhere as she is kidnapped by a group of strangers,. What unfolds next is a unbroken series of journey that protagonist undertakes to rescue Shruthi with the help of an ex-cop (Sampath).

Newcomer Dhruva involves him for a definable show as he exerts some powerful performances during action sequences.
But he has to improvise a lot over the romantic sequences. Newbie Shruthi looks cute and indeed chooses to start her career with a performance-oriented role. Sampath steals the show with his brilliant style of performance.

Getting on with the technical aspects, the cinematography is done with an unique tone to maintain the ambience of the film’s play. Songs by Maria Manohar are average while editing with rapid cuts at places could have been avoided.

The second half of the film has some slow moments, but they are back in momentum by last 25minutes.

Kulandhai has a neat job on script, screenplay and his dialogues are outstanding at places. Some of the worthy of applauses indeed…

The film will pick its popularity only through word of mouth publicity and in simple terms, it’s a different and bold attempt.

What works: Screenplay, Dialogues, Sampath, interesting moments, Intermission block

What doesn’t work: Some slow moments during second half, background score, story is quite familiar.

Verdict: Watch it for a different experience

Production: Red Head Entertainment

Story and Direction: Kulandhai Velappan

Star-casts: Dhruva, Shruthi, Sampath, John Vijay and others

Music: Maria Manogar

Review by Richard Mahesh

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