What's in 'Aanmai Thavarel’?

After a very long, a film arrives as a single release and chances are there for gaining attraction.

News 3-Jun-2011 3:36 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

The sleek and engaging trailer of ‘Aanmai Thavarel’ had kept the expectations to a good extent. Though the film’s shooting was completed before a very long time, it was under the long queue of delayed releases with accordance to accumulation of theatres. Now with situations becoming favorable for the medium and low budget producers, they are taking delight in releasing their movies.

‘Aanmai Thavarel’ is reported to be a racy thriller where an youngster along with the help of an ex-cop sets out to save his ladylove from the clutches of baddies, who have kidnapped her for the sake of sex-worker business.

It is worth mentioning that Kulandhai Vellappan hasn’t worked as assistant to any filmmakers and has made this film directly on his theoretical knowledge about films.

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