Harris Jayaraj on World Tour

Afteryears of preparations, Harris Jayaraj has finally decided to take off for World Tour.

News 1-Jun-2011 7:13 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

It has been years when many sponsors and program producers wanted Harris Jayaraj to go on world tour. But the music director maintained a low profile feeling that he has to work on more promising projects before taking off for global concert. Naturally within short span of time, the music director has churned out some big chart busters.

Finally he has Okayed the tour with some big brands and talks are going for the show to be held in grandeur.

The world tour will commence on October 2 with the high-profiled singers and film celebrities taking part…

Music directoer has planns to travel Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Singapore, Kaulalampur, Dubai, Doha, Durban, Cape town and Johannesburg in 1st Phase.

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