Vandhan Vendran Confused With Hollywood Movie

Don’t judge the book by its covers and movies by posters . It becomes more relevant with Vandhan Vendran.

News 1-Jun-2011 10:41 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

This isn’t something about the film’s pre-release review we are mentioning about. But it is about the posters that have given a wrong assumption amongst the film buffs. Following the huge success of ‘Ko’, the fan group of Jeeva has increased tremendously. It has left many from the non-Tamil speaking group to look upon his forthcoming films with more curiosity. But on pars, it has left more space for some confusions as well.

One of the promotional posters of ‘Vandhan Vendran’ has Jeeva and Taapsee leaning over the painted wall with some colorful designs. Well, it is directly replicated from a famous Hollywood rom-com flick ‘Going The Distance’.

Many have drawn conclusion that VV is inspired from this Hollywood movie that received positive reviews worldwide. But when approached the closer sources of Kannan, they have made it clear that the film will be an edge-seated crime-thriller with some sprinkles of poignant romance, but it’s not a remake of any film.

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