A R Rahman Shocked With Oscar Awards

A R Rahman Shocked With Oscar Awards

News 30-May-2011 3:53 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Ismail Darbar who is a Bollywood music composer made many allegations against A R Rahman while speaking to the media in Nagpur. He said, “ I have a feeling that A R Rahman has paid money to get the Oscar Awards for the film Slumdog Millionaire. If A R Rahman has real talent, he should have got the Oscar Awards for the film Roja or Bombay. I know that he has purchased these awards.”

When asked Ismail Darbar if he has got any proof for his statement, he was not able to give a fitting reply. Bollywood people condemned and lambasted Ismail for his irresponsible fabricated statement.

Bollywood music composer Lalith Pandit while commenting about this said, “ A R Rahman is a person who brought name and fame to India by winning the Oscar Awards. It is not right to speak bad about him.”

When asked A R Rahman about this allegation, he said, “ Nobody can purchase Oscar Awards. Three thousand people vote for this award. How is it possible to buy this award.”

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