Sabash Sariyana Potti

Better Luck Next Time Venu

Reviews 28-May-2011 10:22 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

With the talented personalities from small screens smug-bitten by the dreams of making it bigger in film industry, we had lots of arrival that includes Naga, who made a commendable debut directorial with the film ‘Ananthapurathu Veedu’. Now the most famous Venu Aravind, well known for his performance in various roles at small screens makes his show with ‘Sabash Sariyaana Potti’.

The film goes something more on a new concept, but fails to keep the audiences intact over the times due to a poor writing. Starring Malayalam actor Jayaram in lead role, the film marks the debut of Sriram Karthik.

Gnana Guru (Sriram Karthik) has been leading a contented life and is an ardent fan of Superstar JR (Jayaram) and so are his fans. For their surprise, JR arrives at their village for shooting a film and that makes them much elated. Somehow, Gnana Guru manages to win his favor and is encouraged to come Chennai so that he’ll help him enter films. Brimmed with more hopes, the youngster heads to the Metropolitan city only to get disappointed by the true colors of JR. A strong resolution to come up with his own efforts makes him participate in a TV reality show that has JR as one of the judges. What unfolds next is a series clashes between the duo and how he wins the battle are narrated in a comic way.

On the performance, Jayaram manages to walk away with appreciations as his role is very well crafted. The portrayal of reality is done in a satirical way through his characterization. Newcomer Gnana Guru is okay with his performance and overreacts at some places while rest of the star-casts is mediocre.

The complete film has been based on the concept of TV reality show and the second half goes terribly wrong with the repeated factors. There are only ‘few’ hilarious portions in the film and nothing seems to be impressive. Technically the film lacks substantiality as they are below average.

On the whole, ‘Sabash Sariyaana Potti’ settles down with a below average mark and it could have been done better.

What works: Jayaram, some comedy sequences,

What doesn’t work: Venu Aravind’s hyper-active approach, Technical department, Screenplay…

Verdict: Better Luck Next Time Venu

Banner: V R Raghunathan

Direction: Venu Aravind

Star-casts: Jayaram, Sriram Karthik, Sri Ranjani, Delhi Ganesh, Venu Aravind and others

Music: Thamman S

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