Anjali's 7 Kilo Risk

Anjali has increased her weight by 7 kilograms

News 28-May-2011 9:34 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Director Mu Kalangiam while speaking to the media said, “Usually heroes like Surya and Vikram will reduce their weight or have six packs for their roles. But our heroine Anjali has done this. She will be very slim when she is a new bride and then after her marriage, she will look fluffy. She has increased her weight by 7 kilograms. A heroine who is in the top will never take the risk of reducing or gaining weight. The confidence that Anjali had on Karungaali made her do this. Many are asking me that where I have been so long. I wish to reply this through the film Karungaali. This gap allowed me to study the problems of the educated youth."

Kalangiam also said, "The crux of the story is that how the relationship between the husband and wife is affected because of internet and cell phones. I am also donning a dreaded role in this film. Someone asked me that whether that acting is so easy. This film will suit me. That is why I have donned the role. Except me, everybody has acted well. I could not gauge my acting. Only the audience should rate my acting.”

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