Venkat Prabhu Cools Down Confused Fans

Venkat Prabhu answers back to the listeners, who didn’t feel the music had the same tempo as in teasers.

News 23-May-2011 10:50 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

May 20 had many hot running issues taking its rise for the media channels. But Ajith Kumar’s cop look posters and single track album had equal importance. ‘Vilayaadu Mankatha’ sold like hot cakes and fans thronged at music stores much prior to the CDs reached there. But soon after hearing the songs, some of the listeners were confused while few were disappointed.

The reason???

The tempo of track in Audio CD sounded slower than in visual teasers. Immediately, the fans started interrogating over it in twitter. But Venkat Prabhu was more available to clarify it. He said, “The usual pattern of tempo varies from TV and Audio. TV runs on 25 Frames Per Second while Audio 24 Frames per second and it cannot be avoided.

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