Time-pass movie

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With the season of big tickets literally out on a break, the producers of medium and low budget movies are taking delight over releasing them. While the other movie ‘Ethan’ supposed to hit screens this week getting dropped on the spur of moment, ‘Kanden’ becomes the single release. To start off, there are few factors that had the expectation meter at a good rate: One is Vijay Ebenezer’s songs and the colorful posters(Inclusive of Santhanam).

A.C. Mugil picks a sang-froid entertainer as his choice to start his directorial debut and has done it with panache. Shanthanu’s previous films didn’t help him to fetch laurels as ‘Sakkarakatti’and ‘Siddhu +2, First Attempt’ didn’t perform well. The film marks the debut of Reshmi Gowtham with Santhanam taking a large degree to showcase his usual laughter-riot.

The film’s wafer-thin storyline sounds too cliches, but has some engaging screenplay that gratifies the tastes of youth cohorts.

A software engineer by profession,Vasanth (Shanthanu) is nowhere different from other youths, who want to enjoy a carefree life. Particularly wants a girl of his choice to get married. But his grandpa, a trademark Nattamai (Vijayakumar) wants to get him married to the cousin girl. He is left with no options but to lie through his teeth that he is already in love with a girl. Nattamai throws a challenge upon Vasanth that he has to convince her parents and seek their permission within 30 days.

Cut to Chennai –

Vasanth falls for a beautiful girl Narmada (Reshmi) and poses like a blind person and reach the soft corner of her heart. When it’s time for marriage, Narmada finds out that he is not a blind person and everything spatters. But somehow with the help of his friend(Santhanam), things become fine between them. Alas! A clash between the protagonist and a group leaves him injured on head, thereby turning him blindin reality.

What unfolds next is a series of confusions with a climax that is apt for an entertainment film.

Being the protege of choreographer-turned-filmmaker Prabhu Deva, debutant Mugil has inherited someof his traits. Take for instance, ‘Engeyum Kadhal’ had just 5 lead characters and the complete story revolved around 5 characters (the only similarity). Mughil has crafted a screenplay in an engrossing way with just 5 characters –Shanthanu, Santhanam, Reshmi, Aashish Vidyarthi and Vijayakumar. Shanthanu as usual over reacts at some places, but lives to the core of perfection with the dance and fight sequences. It is better if he can underplay in some sequences. Reshmi looks cute, bubbly andsensuous. She can look out for some big offers in Kollywood. Well with this film, she gets a good scope to perform, but it’s Santhanam stealing the show with his rib-tickling comedy tracks. Though his formula is same, he keeps us on laughing spree.

The main highlight of the film is Santhanam travels with good prominence during second half and that trivializes some erroneous factors.

Technically, the film has rich quality as director has clearly understood the demanding factor that a breezy rom-com needs pleasant visuals, captivating music and cool-n-attractive costumes. Of course, Prashanth gives a brilliant effort over the visuals and newcomer Vijay Ebenezer deserves appreciations for his songs and background.

The film has some minor errors and one of them is the cliched screenplay, but it takes a clear route in second half and the momentum remains the same throughout the film.

Production: TCS, Sri Siva Selvanayakiamman Movies

Direction: A.C. Mugil

Star-casts: Shanthanu, Reshmi, Santhanam, Aashish Vidyarthi, Vijayakumar

Music: Vijay Ebenezer

What works: Santhanam, presentation of film, Music, Cinematography,comedy

What doesn’t work: Shanthanu’s hyper-active performance, first 30minutes

Verdict: Time-pass movie

Review by Richard Mahesh

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