Complaints On Ramanarayanan And S.A. Chandrasekhar

Producer KRG has condemned for the sudden resigning of Ramanarayanan and S.A. Chandrasekhar taking up the position of TFPC President.

News 16-May-2011 5:46 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Eminent producer K.R.G. holds special mention for his vigorous involvement in churning out more hit movies in Tamil film industry. The ace producer has condemned the act of Rama Narayanan for not following the proper procedure before resigning the position of Tamil Film Producers Council President. In his letter, he has mentioned how it could be a matter of just one two days. Ramanarayanan resigned on 14th May followed by a day of Tamil State Government Election results revealed. And on the very next day, we have S.A. Chandrasekhar replacing him on the same position.

‘Doesn’t that sound odd?’ asks K.R.G. who continues that a proper procedure should have been carried out by calling for the attention of all members of the Producers Union. While there is a serious issue of Rs.15Crores scandal is reported of having happened in the union, such acts shouldn’t be encouraged.

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