'Remaking A Film Isn't Easy’ – Dharani

Dharani’s first statement on remaking Salman Khan starrer ‘Dabangg’ during the press meet.

News 10-May-2011 1:43 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

‘Draw as much lines as possible next to the original one. There would be hardly a perfect replica and so is remaking a film as it becomes a tough job to replicate the original version’ said Dharani. It happened during the press meet of ‘Osthi’. Adding more about the film, Dharani said, “The reason why we chose Simbhu for the role was the characterization itself. We confirmed him with the first look where he appeared in police costumes and his attitude was super-cool. This isn’t just an action film, but has more elements of family and sentiments.”

About the technicians, Dharani totted up adding that it’s definitely gonna be a good support for the film. Shedding lights on Jithan Ramesh, the filmmaker says, “He plays the central character as the main story revolves around him and soon after watching the film you’ll accept that none other than Jithan Ramesh would have been best on this role.”

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